ARRC Edge LED bed green illuminated view

The ARRC Edge Full Body Multi-wave LED Light Therapy Bed – The Future of Recovery and Wellness

Since 1996 researchers have shown that the cellular benefits of localized LED Light Therapy cascade down into the tissues organs and systems providing a preventive and restorative effect. Why not apply this to the entire body? ARRC Edge LED Bed is your tool to rejuvenate in a relaxing chamber.

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This is research only and not meant to be specific claims for the ARRC Edge LED Bed. All the research cited is based on studies posted from the NIH PubMed website. The purpose of highlighting these studies is to eliminate manufacturer skewed claims and biases. 

The cellular benefits seem to include these key activities:

  • Improve skin tone and reduce appearance of wrinkles
  • Reduce oxidative stress and inflammation (the leading cause of disease)
  • Detoxifies cells of waste and free radicals
  • Increase in nutrient transfer in cells
  • Restoration of energy metabolism and mitochondrial function (energy & aging )
  • Expands cellular energy (ATP)
  • Build nitric oxide – The miracle molecule
  • Increase circulation (angiogenesis) and relaxes arteries
  • Improve muscular performance & recovery ( strength, endurance & recovery )
  • Speed recovery from illness, injury, and disease
  • Protect the Nervous, Cardiovascular and Musculoskeletal systems
  • Reduction of pain
  • Accelerated wound healing and surgical recovery

The evidence is overwhelming. LED light therapy seems to help people Feel, Think, Look and Perform…..Better.

Think about it, if you can increase energy and nutrients, and reduce toxicity and inflammation, then the cells, which are the building blocks of your tissues and organs, get healthier. You get healthier, and this is done with light, free of pain and side effects. You just get better.

The treatment is short and easy. Up to two treatment per week lasting up to 20 minutes. Your entire body is illuminated with the same red & infrared light therapy that researchers have been showing for over 20 years to improve athletic recovery, heal wounds, reduce pain, improve skin tone and wrinkles, and work with a variety of health concerns.

The ARRC Edge is for anyone who wants to achieve higher levels of wellness.

This is the most important of missions. Modern medicine often treats toxicity and injury with toxicity and injury. Full Body, Multiwave LED Light Therapy instead treats toxicity and injury with energy. The Edge delivers pure light energy (photobiomodulation), in the form of different wavelengths (multiwave) absorbed at different levels in the body with different healing signatures.

What you might consider is that this pathway is normally covered by a series of activities that we know we should do, but don’t always follow. We eat better to provide our body with nutrients, detoxify through a cleanse or diet, exercise or fast to change our energy metabolism, meditate to reduce stress and change our foods and environment to minimize inflammation.

Contraindications: There are contraindications that may preclude some people from using the system. You will be required to read, understand and sign a consent form prior to use. You may be asked to get your physician’s approval before starting treatment.

Audio & Photobiomodulation has been shown in research to do it all. With the ARRC Edge LED light chamber…You Feel, Think, Look and Perform Better…no side effects. So wherever you are now, you just get better.

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