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Profound – Skin Tightening

Turn back the hands of time without surgical intervention. Profound has a 100% response rate and uses Microneedled Radio Frequency to create elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid which are the building blocks of smooth, elastic and youthful skin.

What is it?

Dermal and SubQ Microneedling combined with Radio Frequency.

Why you need it?

To smooth wrinkles, tighten and lift the lower face, submental and neck.

What’s the process?

The face is numbed one hour prior to the procedure. The face is then cleansed. Tumescence solution will be performed throughout the treatment to prevent discomfort. The treatment should take approximately one hour, with ointment applied post-procedurally.  The patient will apply ice to the treatment area for the next several days. They may have mild edema as well as bruising and must avoid the sun and use an SPF 30 or higher daily.

What is the result?

Smoothed wrinkles, a tighter and lifted lower face and neck.

Why do it now?

Anyone who wants to avoid a face and/or neck lift should have the Profound, because it provides long-term results with less downtime than its surgical counterparts.

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