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VelaShape III – Cellulite Reduction / Body Contouring

Say goodbye to cellulite!  VelaShape III is a unique technology that involves radio frequency, infrared, vacuum and massage to help increase lymphatic drainage, increase adipose fat metabolism, improve tissue quality and repair skin laxity through collagen reformation.  VelaShape III is meant to be used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle for maximum results and may be used in combination with the UltraShape Power.

What is it?

VelaShape III is a laser that helps improve the appearance of cellulite through lymphatic drainage, increasing adipose fat metabolism and repairing skin laxity through collagen reformation.

Why you need it?

VelaShape III tones skin, while reducing inches and cellulite through its unique four-function technology.

What’s the process?

VelaShape III treatments are done in a series of three treatments, two weeks apart completed in one month.  Each treatment area takes 15 minutes.

What is the result?

The VelaShape III will reduce overall circumference, improve skin laxity, help metabolize adipose fat and increase lymphatic drainage to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Why do it now?

To get rid of unsightly cellulite, improve skin laxity, and help flush toxins and increase lymphatic drainage.

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